Party time, excellent.

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About a month ago, we threw a party.  We had just reached the end of our first year of business and recently been welcomed into the Seven Cycles family, so it seemed like a good time to celebrate.  As many things around here go, we had big plans to document the whole thing and post pictures in a timely manner, but that didn’t happen, so you get to see them now!

Seven was gracious enough to send us some bikes to show off, and we were lucky enough to finish Andy’s Seven, the first we’ve sold as Diablo Wheel Works.  We decked the house with all the wheels we had one hand and Justin cooked up some tacos to go along with sangria provided by the lovely Lisa from Sweetzer Cellars.

We’ve got plans to host another shindig soon, but who knows when that will happen, so in the mean time we can look at these and reminisce if you were there, or wish you had come if you missed out.

A big thank you to all of our friends, both new and old, for coming out to celebrate with us!

Photo credits go to Courtney Paige.

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