Managing expectations.

As we see it the responsibility of a mechanic is to provide honest advice to their clients.  We have to remind them that if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.  We are often the grumpy voice of reason, raining on their parade, and it seems like its getting worse.  Or maybe it’s just us.

Ryan and I are always having this conversation about expectations vs reality.  We are not people who like to disappoint and may go overboard trying to warn our friends and customers of potential issues.  Sometimes it involves seeing what may lie in wait when considering parts for a bike other times it’s the limitations of a particular wheel build.  That is our daily struggle.  We want to be gung-ho and to sell you stuff: that’s how we keep the lights on and the dog fed.  But we can’t stop ourselves sometimes, and we over-explain when we have concerns, and sometimes it kills the mood.

As bicycles become more and more complicated and tolerances tighter we have become hand wringing worry-wort’s – not that we weren’t that way already.  Please don’t get us wrong, bikes in many ways have never been better (our recent experience with Open Cycles comes to mind), but expectations have also never been higher and we often feel trapped in the middle.  The arms race to have the lightest, most exotic and least expensive whatever runs counter to what we love about cycling.

So, what do we do?  In our case, we stand by what we believe in, sometimes to a fault, and do our best to talk our customers through all the possibilities both good and bad.  Sometimes that means we don’t end up working with that person.  It’s the only way we know how to be, being people who are kept up at night with nightmares of crooked derailleur hangers.  This what makes Diablo Wheel Works different, ingrained in our DNA is a need to investigate, inform and provide great service.

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