DWW Consultation Services $50/hr.

We can help you navigate the increasingly confusing landscape that is the modern bicycle and all its associated parts.  From bottom bracket standards to marketing fluff, we’re here to help you make the right choice.

DWW Professional Bicycle Assembly & Box Up

Assemble Boxed Bike (Used: Previously Assembled) $55-120
Assemble Boxed Bike (New: Not Previously Assembled) $75-120
Assemble Bike From Bare Frame $100-400
Bicycle Frame Strip Down To Bare Frame $50-100
Bicycle Box Up $75-120


MTB Brake Lever Install (Each Lever) $10-15
Road Bike Brake Lever Install (Each Lever) $15-20
Rim Brake Pad Adjustment (Each Brake) $8-12
MTB Rim Brake Pad Replacement (Each Brake) $12
Road Bike Rim Brake Pad Replacement (Each Brake) $10
*Brake Pad Adjustment/Installation Includes Resurfacing Of Rim Brake Track*
Replace Cable/Housing (Each Brake) $6-15
Rim Brake Install (Each Brake) $20
Rim Brake Caliper Service (Each Brake) $10-25

Disc Brakes

Install Mechanical Disc (Each Brake) $25
Install Hydraulic Disc Brake (Each Brake With Cut & Bleed) $70
Brake Bleed (Each Brake) $50
Brake Lever & Caliper Service $65
*Lube And Supply Charge Of 3 Applies To Each Disc Brake Installation/Bleed/Service*
Straighten Rotor (Each Rotor) $12
Brake Pad Replacement (Each Brake) $15


Full Adjustment (Each Derailleur) $15
Includes Proper Adjustment Of Limit Screws, Cable Tension, And Lubrication Of All Moving Parts And Cable(s)
*Cables & Housing Install With Derailleur Adjustment $6/Cable/Housing
Derailleur Installation $25-35 Per Derailleur
Straighten & Align Rear Derailleur Hanger $20
Repair Rear Dropout Threads With A New Threaded Insert $25
Replace Derailleur Hanger $25
Overhaul Rear Derailleur $35
Cables & Housing Install For Each Derailleur Installation $6/Cable/Housing

Handlebar & Shifter Installation

Handlebar Install $30-55 (Cable & Housing Alteration not included)
Handlebar With All New Cables & Housing $55-80 (Cables & Housing not included)
Install Grips $5-10
Wrap Handlebars $15-25
Cut Handlebar $10-20
Install Clamp On Aero Bars $30
Install Bar Ends $10
Install Sti / Ergo Road Shifters $60-120 (Dependent on parts used)
Install Mountain Shifters $45-100 (Dependent on parts used)


Crank Install $25-40
Bottom Bracket Overhaul/Replacement $25-40
Replace Chainring $20-30
Remove/Replace Left Arm  $12
Chase Bb Shell (Includes Removal & Reinsallation) $45
Chain Install $8-15

Fork & Headset

Cut Fork Only $10
Install Fork $25-50
Replace/Install Headset $35
Overhaul Headset $35


Overhaul Front Hub $20
Overhaul Rear Hub $40
Replace Freehub Body $25


Wheel Assembly Service $80-$110 ($3.50) L&S Charge For Each Wheel Build)
Wheel True Front $15-25
Wheel True Rear $18-30
Install New Front Wheel $10
Install New Rear Wheel $20
Remove / Install  Cassette $7
Install Cassette With Adjustment $15-25
Remove Brake Rotor $10
Tire / Tube Replacement $8
Tubless Conversion $20/Wheel (Parts Not Included)
Tubular Installation $35/Wheel
Drill Rim To Schraeder $8

Additional Labor Rates

Install/Adjust Saddle $5
Remove Stuck Seat Post $60/hr
Remove / Install Pedals $5
Install Training Wheels $8
Fenders $25-50
Computer $15-25
Rack Install $10-25
Crash Inspection With Documented Repair Estimate $30-50
Dropper Post Installation $20-50