wheels are designed and built for you with many factors in mind: weight, durability, and price to name a few. I offer you a strong and reasonably light wheelset at a lower cost than prebuilt wheel systems from companies such as Shimano, Mavic, Zipp, Fulcrum etc.

Nothing I use is proprietary. I only use traditional, high-quality parts and offer a wide range of options with the promise of durability and a fair price across the spectrum from budget friendly to you-might-want-to-get-permission-from-your-significant-other.

When I build a set of wheels for you, here’s what to expect. I’m a believer in high tension for spokes but not for your wheel purchase. I want this to be an enjoyable purchase for you from start to finish. Once we establish what your goals are and what you’re after, I will set out to build you the most appropriate wheelset for your needs based on my design ideals and expertise, a little omakase if you will. After 20 years of wheel building experience, I will be very honest with what I think will work best for you. I will choose different spoke lacing patterns, different spoke gauges, styles and may even mix brands of spokes so that I can build the best wheels possible for your needs. I only use the best tools from Park, DT, Campagnolo, Var, and Wheel Fanatyk and employ multiple stress relieving techniques throughout the process to ensure the build’s quality every step of the way.  With all your needs and expectations taken into consideration, I promise to build you a sick ass set of wheels so that you can be even more stoked every time you get out for a ride.