Ryan is the perfect combination of genuine, honest guy, and surly bike mechanic, with the skills to back it up— exactly who you want taking care of your shit. Three years ago, he guided me through selecting everything for a wheelset which he then built. Those wheels have been through over 15,000 miles—including two brutal Rapha Gentlemen’s Races—without fail, and still rolling strong.

Chris Klibowitz, Freelance Writer for Bicycling, Grit CX, Road (Seasoned Cyclist & Racer)

In a world of decreasing attention to detail, where a mechanic’s purpose has been reduced to merely replacing broken parts, rather than becoming a student of the machines they work on, Ryan is a breath of fresh air. I have repeatedly witnessed him go above and beyond, to not only get issues fixed and produce quality wheels, but to approach each project with a creative attitude and an earnest sense of duty. He will take the time to not only build your wheels, but to also help you make decisions from individual parts, to fit and finish—to help you build YOUR set of wheels. Ultimately though, my favorite part about working with Ryan is that he’s the mechanic you want to go riding with after you pick up your perfectly functioning bike from him.

Nick Brandeau (Sales Manager, Ritte Cycles/Seasoned Cyclist & Racer)